Involving young people in designing Neighbourhood Watch posters

Describe your best practice
We asked the children within our Watch and community group to design a small A4 poster asking people to ‘Keep Our Street Tidy’.

What did you do and why?
The children were asked to design a poster using the theme of keeping our street tidy.

We asked them as we wanted to encourage them to be proactive in taking pride in where they live and the areas they share with the wider community. By displaying them we wanted to show our community that our youngsters care about where they live, they are proud of where they live and to them it is important that we consider the environmental implications of not caring for where we live together.

We received lots of amazing designs that were imaginative and very striking. Once received they were printed and laminated and are currently being displayed on the road asking everyone to not litter,clean up dog waste etc etc.

Duration of the project
6 weeks

What worked well?
We offered the project over the 6-week summer holiday as something to be engaged in alongside our other projects, particularly our garden project ‘Meadow Road in Bloom’. It also gave them a task to do over the summer break. We were overwhelmed by the wealth of talented artists we have and their knowledge of environmental issues.

How did you overcome any challenges?
The main issue has been keeping the posters in good condition when on display. We’ve found double laminating them helps keep them dry and in perfect condition.

How did you cover any costs?
No significant costs, printing and lamination costs kept to a minimum by using our own machine.

Which main category does this fall into?
Developing Your Watch

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