Whilst the cost of living increase could lead to an increase in crime, equally worrying is the impact crime has on the victim when finances are already tighter than usual. Victims of crime can find themselves anything from a few pounds to tens of thousands of pounds out-of-pocket. As with all types of crime, 'prevention is much better than cure'. Taking simple measures to protect yourself could help to reduce your fear of crime and reduce your chances of falling victim to crime.

If you are a Coordinator and wish to help others, our toolkits provide a wealth of valuable information to guide you through supporting others. Below we highlight key information on burglary, car crime and fraud protection, but we have crime prevention information on a wide range of crime types here.


Taking simple measures, such as locking your windows, leaving indoor lights on a timer, double or deadlocking your doors, and having exterior lights on sensors, can significantly reduce your chances of being burgled. A combination of WIDE actions is the most effective and recommended by police throughout the country. Additionally, at Neighbourhood Watch we believe neighbours keeping an eye out for each other is also key to preventing burglary. Click on each area to find out more:

Think WIDEN Homes
  • WINDOWS: Lock your windows  
  • INTERIOR: Put your interior lights on a timer 
  • DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors 
  • EXTERIOR: Put your exterior lights on a sensor 
  • (N)EIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for neighbours

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Car crime

Whilst we can't always prevent it there are simple steps we can all take to reduce our chances of becoming a victim of car crime. 

  • Leave your car locked - A simple mistake that can prove calamitous: 44% of cars were broken into via an unlocked door.
  • Leave your car well-lit - 80% of car crime occurs during the evening or at night. Parking near street lamps or in a busy area can deter thieves.
  • Leave your car empty - Owners often forget that personal belongings within the car are at as much risk of being stolen as the car itself.  
Protect your car

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Fraud protection

Protect your password in 3 easy steps

Cyber is a major concern with more of us falling victim to this type of crime every day. But what are the quickest, most important things for you to do today to ensure it doesn’t happen to you? There are 3 quick and easy steps you can take today to help to secure your accounts. 

  1. Create a separate password for your email account(s)
  2. Use 3 random words
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)

For more ways to keep safe online view our Cyberhood Watch guides on everything from how to download your data from Facebook, popular threats on Android and how to avoid them, and everything in between.

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