Neighbourhood Watch helps people connect with their neighbours to build vibrant communities, with a central focus on preventing crime. Understanding and evidencing the impact Neighbourhood Watch makes towards positive change helps us know we are going in the right direction, engage new and current volunteers, and target our activity to where it is most needed.

Impact Report 2020/21

Following the success of last year’s first-ever Neighbourhood Watch Impact Report, we are delighted to share this year’s Impact Report 2020/21.  This report builds on last year with data and case studies demonstrating the continued hard work and dedication and impact of our 90,000 volunteers and 2.3 million household members.

The report demonstrates how we are achieving each of our three ambitions within our 5-year strategy, which we embarked upon last year, namely:

  • being the authoritative voice on community-based crime prevention
  • being the most popular gateway for citizens to engage in their locality
  • and a recognised contributor to community health and wellbeing.  

Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey 2021

The national Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey was developed by Neighbourhood Watch Network, supported by University College London, to better understand levels of crime victimisation, fear of crime and feelings of safety, neighbourliness, community cohesion and loneliness, and the current impact, reach and diversity of Neighbourhood Watch. 

The 2021 survey was conducted online using the Survey Monkey platform from 20th October to 16th November 2021. All responses were kept anonymous and were analysed in large groups to avoid identifying individuals or groups of people. A total of 16,473 responses were received, of which 14,083 were assessed as complete & valid following data cleansing and included in this analysis. The findings can be read here. Reports from our 2020 survey can be read below.