Neighbourhood Watch helps people connect with their neighbours to build vibrant communities, with a central focus on preventing crime

Understanding and evidencing the impact Neighbourhood Watch makes towards positive change helps us know we are going in the right direction, engage new and current volunteers, and target our activity to where it is most needed.

In these difficult times of Covid-19, Neighbourhood Watch’s services and role within communities is more clear and in demand than ever. With this Impact Report we strive to demonstrate our response to the needs within communities across England and Wales, and to honour all those who help make the change needed.

Our impact in 2019 /20

We are proud to present our first ever Impact Report 2019/20. It provides insight into the hard work and dedication of our 90,000 volunteers and 2.3 million household members, who support their communities and neighbourhoods in numerous ways, actively helping to make them safer and more connected. The report demonstrates how Neighbourhood Watch builds on our heritage and trusted name to remain at the heart of community life, and impactful today and into the future.