The words ‘student safety’ can bring to mind awkward parental advice, scaremongering lectures or, worst of all, an ageing man in a backwards cap saying ‘how do you do, fellow kids’? But the people who know students best are… students.

THE LOOKOUT termly magazine is full of incredible stories written by students for studentsIt also features stories of students across the country who are doing amazing things to bring their campus and local community together, advice on safety and wellbeing, and how to get involved with local volunteering opportunities.

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Put yourself forward for the STUDENT COUNCIL and help set the agenda for student safety, community and wellbeing.

Do you want to help lead the discussion around safety and community on and off-campus? Student Watch is an initiative that empowers students to support each other on campus and in their community to create a safer, happier environment. Often, students’ opinions on how they think their wider communities could be improved go unheard. 

The Student Council will be formed of a selected group of diverse students who will provide a sounding board and ideas drive for tackling safety and health and wellbeing on and off-campus.

If you believe in working towards a better-connected and safer student campus and community, put yourself forward for the STUDENT COUNCIL.  

Student Watch initiative

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STUDENT WATCH enables students to connect with and support others on campus and in their local community.

By looking out for each other, you can help improve student wellbeing, reduce opportunities for crime to occur and help people feel safer

Through Student Watch you can receive information on connecting communities, safety and wellbeing, and have opportunities to get involved with campaigns on campus. 

If you are interested in being a community activist on your campus by setting up a Watch, helping make the changes YOU want to see, contact us at

This is an opportunity to shape the way Neighboruhood Watch and community response works for students and young people. Watches will be run by student volunteers across England and Wales supported by local volunteer-led Associations, and by Neighbourhood Watch Network, the national umbrella organisation for the movement. 

In addition to THE LOOKOUT, Student Watch members will also receive: 

  • Opportunities to make student voices heard in the wider community: Students’ opinions about how they think their wider communities could be improved often go unheard. We regularly survey our members to make sure that the voices of all residents—on campus and off—are heard on a wide-rnage of topics, from cybersecurity to female safety, and loneliness and isolation to fly-tipping 
  • Opportunities to get involved in tagging events: You will have opportunities to run tagging events to security tag belongings such as bikes, laptops and TVs with your postcode. This makes your belongings easier to track should they ever be stolen and deters criminals from taking them in the first place. 
  • Toolkits to run your own campus events: We have a range of resources for you to use to run on-campus events to tackle issues, such as loneliness, or how to make your campus safer; including advice on fundraising, supporting other students with their mental health, and how to have conversations about domestic abuse 
  • Volunteering opportunitiesWe will share volunteering opportunities for you to get involved with - both on-campus and within the wider community.  
  • Discounts and offers: We provide exclusive discounts and offers, which we are always adding to. 

Help build a society where students come together to create safer and more connected campus communities.