There are a variety of ways that your company and Neighbourhood Watch can work together to achieve both our goals.

Here are some ideas. Let us know if there's another way your company wants to partner with us.

Direct support

We’ll work with you to identify a project for your company to invest in and to outline the impact this will have. This include employee fundraising for an existing project or a project we are trying to get funding for. We’ll update you regularly to demonstrate the difference your input is making.

Strategic partnerships

We can offer your company a way to make your product stand by looking at a longer-term strategic partnership, taking in different ways we can work together to fulfil several social and commercial objectives.

Charity of the Year

If your company has a Charity of the Year, please consider nominating Neighbourhood Watch – this can be done for your local Neighbourhood Watch area or for the national movement.

Event sponsorship

We host events throughout the year with a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

Gifts in Kind

Our local Neighbourhood Watch areas are always looking for local support with printing, marketing or IT, as well as donations of venues for our events/meetings. If your company has expertise you think Neighbourhood Watch could benefit from please get in touch. 


We have projects throughout England and Wales, both those led locally and those led by our national body. We’d like to encourage more teams of staff to volunteer with Neighbourhood Watch. Volunteering is great for team building and gaining insight into the projects your company supports. 

Increasing awareness of Neighbourhood Watch

We’re keen for as many people as possible to see the Neighbourhood Watch logo and understand more about the powerful role we can play in bringing communities across England and Wales together for good.

Talk to us today today with us to find out how we could work together.