From Neighbourhood to Cyberhood

    Cybercrime now feels like more of a threat than physical crime for a rising number of households across England and Wales, with more people either falling victim personally or knowing someone who has been a victim of online theft, according to research carried out in conjunction with Avast, a cybersecurity leader in the UK, we found that those who believe cybercrime is less of a threat than physical crime are firmly in the minority (15%). Read the full reports below:


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    Useful resources

    • Cyber Aware - general advice on how to stay secure online from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre
    • Phishing - spot and report scam emails, texts, websites and calls
    • Support to young people - activities for parents/carers to use with young people at home (see ‘The Game’ and ‘Home Activities’)
    • Infographics to print and keep on hand 
    • NCSC Guidance for Individuals and Families: - a very comprehensive guide that includes what is cybersecurity, dealing with common cyber problems, data breaches, buying and selling second-hand devices and more
    • Have I been pwned? - check if your email address has been compromised
    • Random Password Generator - automatically generate unique passwords for all of your online accounts
    • No more ransom - learn more about ransomware