We partner with businesses and organisations whose values complement ours, to extend our impact in local communities.

Working with Neighbourhood Watch can have an amazing impact on your brand. We're able to help you come up with great projects and ideas that can make a difference to communities in addressing crime, antisocial behaviour and community wellbeing. We're committed to empowering the public to work effectively with the police, local authorities, government agencies and others to make safer and more connected communities.

We partner with a wide range of organisations - other charities, businesses and large corporations. We are always looking to spread our message and work with an ever wider range of people, so if you think we could work well together, please get in touch!

Our well-known and trusted brand has a huge reach into communities. Our volunteers contribute around £50 million worth of their time each year, but we need the help of our partners to enable us to achieve more and enhance the impact of our volunteers' work locally. We pride ourselves on working closely with our partners to create bespoke, mutually beneficial partnerships to maximise your impact and support your goals.

Our Head of Policy, Partnerships and Projects is Sandra Bauer - you can get in touch by email!


Our reach

We have a membership of 2.3 million households across England and Wales, with a tested brand recognition of 95%. Our members are passionate about their neighbourhoods and communities, and actively engage with our campaigns, e-newsletters and online profiles. We are fortunate to have a national reach with a local, grassroots focus.

Our approach

We approach all our partnerships in the overriding spirit of collaboration. While you will have a main contact, our small team will work closely to ensure we plan clear and mutual goals for you across marketing, media, fundraising and local action. We like to work with partners in the way that suits what you are trying to achieve with us – that could be through a one-off project donation or an ongoing strategic partnership, a Charity of the Year award or an event sponsorship arrangement. We will ensure you get personalised support and that partnering with us is smooth and effective. 

What our partners say


Avast is one of the world’s largest consumer cybersecurity companies founded on the belief that everybody has the right to be protected and private on the internet. This is why, since 2001, their award-winning antivirus software has been available to download for free. 

Their strength and differentiator is their user base. Across the globe, over 400 million people rely on Avast to keep an eye out for suspicious activity on their devices and prevent cyberattacks. Through this global network, they can identify and stop threats immediately, and gain insights into how threats are evolving to provide constant improvements to their security products. Cyber security is an ever-increasing threat and one that we know is at the forefront of Neighbourhood Watch members’ minds. That is why we have teamed up with Avast. You can find out more here.

The partnership with Neighbourhood Watch is an important part of our commitment to offer free online protection for all. We believe that it is vital people can arm themselves against attacks and prevent cybercrime, and that we can help them do this by providing advice, support and a product that keeps them safe online. Our partnership with Neighbourhood Watch will help to extend its invaluable support in physical crime prevention to digital crime prevention in local communities throughout the UK.

Stephanie Kane, VP PR & Corporate Communications, Avast