What is the Community Safety Charter?

The aim of the Community Safety Charter is to involve a wider range of local organisations, charities, businesses and groups in crime prevention activity and extend the scope of this work towards a goal of eliminating harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation experienced by anyone who lives, works, studies, or visits anywhere in England and Wales.

The Community Safety Charter is a means by which Neighbourhood Watch members, local residents, businesses, and organisations, agree to do whatever they can together to provide an environment that is safer for everyone, and help us to meet this goal by committing to:

The Pledges

  • Promote a culture that does not tolerate harmful language, antisocial behaviour, and hostility towards others
  • Enable others to identify and take an active stance to prevent harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation within our community
  • Actively encourage and support others to report harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation and share intelligence about these crimes to the relevant authorities
  • Support those affected by harassment. antisocial behaviour, and intimidation and refer victims to relevant support agencies
pack for charter
Pledges poster


Who can pledge their support for the Charter?

Any individual, community group, Neighbourhood Watch scheme, business, charity or other organisation in England and Wales can sign up for FREE, including schools and universities, community centres, taxi firms and public places (such as museums, libraries and leisure centres)

Why sign up to the Charter?

  • Individuals will feel safer because they know the whole community is looking out for them, which can have a profound effect on their wellbeing, feelings of safety and confidence.
  • No-one wants fear of harassment and intimidation in their community. Signing up to the Charter sends a clear message that this behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by your organisation or group.
  • You will have a clear role in empowering people in your organisation, group or community to do something positive to prevent these crimes in their neighbourhood.
  • You will be contributing to creating a more positive, safer environment where you work or live.
  • The collective power of a wide range of local community members, all working towards a shared goal will have a much greater impact

You will receive:

•    Downloadable copies of the Charter for you to sign 

•    Downloadable posters to display

•    Downloadable training modules in form of printable pdf's to use for you and your members/staff/volunteer

•    Crime prevention advice and guidance through our dedicated website pages

•    Other promotional materials (for example badges, pens, window display stickers and beer mats) to purchase at a later stage

•    The opportunity to attend online events to share ideas and good practice in promoting and implementing the Charter.

•    The opportunity to sign up for Alerts about the crime affecting your local area

How to get involved:

•    Identify a lead from your organisation/group/business

•    Sign up to the Community Safety Charter, agreeing to uphold its principles and promote it within your community, business, and networks

•    Display it in your premises, your neighbourhood and/or on your website 

•    Promote the Community Safety Charter through your social media channels

•    Register your group or organisation as an affiliate of Neighbourhood Watch on the Neighbourhood Watch Register at www.ourwatch.org.uk/join   

•    Raise awareness amongst your community, group and /or with your members about harassment and intimidation how to prevent and report it.

•    Re-new your commitment to the Community Safety Charter every three years


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