Over 40% of all reported crime is now categorised as online fraud. In addition, a third of Neighbourhood Watch members have told us that they believe cybercrime is more of a threat today than physical crime, and over half see the threat level as similar. For this reason, the cornerstone of our partnership with Avast is the Cyberhood Watch Ambassador Scheme. Our Ambassadors provide local Neighbourhood Watch members with information, advice and practical tips helping protect them and their communities from cyber harms. 

To prevent cybercrime from spreading in our communities, Ambassadors will have a vital role to play.Cyberhood Watch
They will take the lead on:

  • Sharing information with members more widely
  • becoming the point of contact for cybersecurity questions and concerns within communities
  • Being a spokesperson to promote local Cyberhood Watch events and activities
  • Raising the profile of the initiative through press, social media, and other channels.

Together, we have the ability to educate and help people protect themselves and loved ones against the increasing threat of cyber harm.


Get involved

Avast and Neighbourhood Watch would like to invite interested Neighbourhood Watch members to become Cyberhood Watch Ambassadors by receiving training in cybersecurity prevention and kept up to date with the latest cybersecurity issues. The Ambassadors will be trained directly by Neighbourhood Watch and will receive Cyberhood Watch accreditation.

Ambassadors are not promoters of Avast software, but there will be opportunities to take advantage of free tools and software on occasion.

To register your interest in being a Cyberhood Watch Ambassador, please complete the form on this page


The role of the Cyberhood Watch Ambassadors is as follows:

  • Be a designated point of contact for cybersecurity concerns within the local community
  • Be a local spokesperson for the initiative where appropriate
  • Share feedback on local cybersecurity concerns
  • Take an active role in promoting local Cyberhood Watch events, where appropriate
  • Share National campaign materials from the Home Office, National Crime Agency and Crimestoppers
  • Helping shape the way that Neighbourhood Watch responds to cyber protection
  • Have early access to Avast Toolkit materials and take an active role in sharing them with local Neighbourhood Watch groups

Cyberhood Watch Ambassadors will be provided with:

  • A Cyberhood Watch accreditation to help you speak with confidence on cybersecurity
  • Ongoing/regular training on how to effectively deliver preventative cybersecurity advice to community members
  • Regular advice to help communities stay protected from new and emerging cyber threats
  • Early access to cybercrime prevention toolkit content and invitation to local events
  • Connections/get-togethers with fellow CHW Ambassadors, to share good practice and challenges
  • Input into future cybersecurity resources and content
  • Support with local media and publicity activation, including press releases and research



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