We want to celebrate the dedication of our volunteers in 2022...and we need your help to do it!

2022 is a year of celebration and recognition for Neighbourhood Watch and its volunteers as we celebrate our 40th year.  We would especially like to be able to recognise and acknowledge the dedication and longevity of our volunteers and as such would like to invite you to let us know about it.

We are recognising the length of time that people have volunteered for Neighbourhood Watch, in particular those that have reached milestones.

  • 5+ Years

  • 10+ Years

  • 25+ Years 

  • 40 Years

Volunteer years

    The criteria are that they, or you, have run a local scheme as a Coordinator, or volunteered within an Association for the respective amounts of time. If you are celebrating your 10th year this year, then you would select the 10+ years category.  The size of the scheme does not matter, it could be just a few homes or many, ALL volunteers matter to us.

    If you think that this is you or maybe someone you know, then please complete the form below and submit it to us before 13th March 2022.

    Please complete this form with the details of the person who is to be recognised for their length of service during 2022.
    Name of volunteer to be nominated
    What volunteer role have they held?
    How many years have they held this role?
    If you have nominated a volunteer to be recognised, please can you provide your contact details, should we need to contact you further.

    What happens next?

    All entries will be collated into area and we will ask the local Association to check these on their records.  

    In April and May we will be constructing a special page of thanks o our website for the volunteers and sending them certificates in recognition of their work and dedication.

    Neighbourhood Watch Week 2022 - we will make the page live on our website, so that others can celebrate and recognise our wonderful volunteers.