Top tips for protecting your bicycle:

  • Register your bike for free with, the UK’s only police-approved cycle database. This will help police to find it if it gets stolen.
  • Take a photo of your bike and keep it with the insurance details. Make a note of the make, model and serial number.
  • When parking away from home make sure your bike is locked to a heavy-duty piece of street furniture and where possible with the lock or chain off the floor.
  • Make sure the lock you use is independently tested (e.g. Sold Secure approved), the correct size and difficult for thieves to access to break it.
  • At home, lock bicycles in a secure garage or shed if you have one, using a good quality U-lock or chain and padlock to a ground anchor. Consider using two different types of security devices, as often tools to attack one type of device aren’t so applicable to others.
  • Mark your bicycle frame with your postcode in two separate locations if possible, one of which should be hidden.