In this section of the website, you can access information about how to volunteer with us, how to become an MSA or a Coordinator, how to use the Knowledge Hub, and much more...

Becoming a member and starting a local group

Neighbourhood Watch works locally as schemes or groups, as well as on a larger regional scale, as Associations. These local groups are traditionally made up of neighbours from one or more streets, blocks of flats or a small geographical area, such as a small village. A group is run by a Coordinator, who is a local resident working with their neighbours to provide support, encourage activity and liaise with partners and other local groups. 

A resident wishing to start a new group in their area and become a coordinator of that group, should apply through the Join Us page of the website and then make themselves known to their local Association.  An Association is made up of volunteers who support and promote Neighbourhood Watch in their District and Force areas. They will be able to help set you up, and support you with materials and training. Once approved, your local group will show on our postcode search on our website as a Neighbourhood Watch Network approved group.

Starting a new group

If you are taking the leap to bring your community together we can help you to start a new scheme or simply find out more about what a Coordinator of a scheme does. We have also put together useful guides on how to communicate to your members using social media and how to fundraise, as well as a downloadable resource pack with useful leaflets and social media posts - all of which can be found on the Knowledge Hub.