We have launched our first ever crowdfunder! We are raising £30,000 to fund our innovative work with 16-24 year olds. 


We want to support the next generation of community leaders to be heard, active and involved in crime prevention, safety initiatives, and community resilience in the ways that matter to them. 

Over 18 months, we have been researching the foundation of how Neighbourhood Watch can better include and represent those aged 16-24 within our work and to ensure their voices, experiences, and skills are appreciated and amplified within their local communities. We want to provide volunteering and community project opportunities that enhance their life skills and help them move onto their next chosen stage in life, whether that's further education, training or employment.

We all know that young people are the future leaders of our communities, and it is vital that we ensure they have the tools and access to be part of the conversations and decision-making around crime prevention, safety, and community resilience.

What difference will this project make?

  • Improve young people's life and leadership skills through co-led and co-developed projects
  • Build resilient connected communities by bringing those from different backgrounds and experiences together to focus on problem-solving and positive community action
  • Improve young people's mental wellbeing and resilience by focusing on the crime, safety, and community issues that matter to them, and supporting them to amplify their voices with decision-makers
  • Improve young people's employability and ready-for-work skills through team-working projects with peers, other community members and decision-makers
  • Reduce crime by increasing crime prevention knowledge and action across sectors of society that it doesn't often reach or resonate with
  • Strengthen communities by seeking additional input and skillsets from those who may not otherwise be represented or included, bringing further richness and diversity to our work
  • Upskilling Neighbourhood Watch volunteers to work with and involve young people in their local groups, increasing sustainability and future-proofing the organisation

Anything you can spare, big or small, will make a huge difference and ensure we can support young people in our communities throughout England and Wales. Whether you can donate or not, please do share amongst your networks, online and offline - helping us spread the word is helping too!