Running events in your community can help to build trust and relationships with your community and strengthen relationships with local organisations and companies. Here are some activities you may wish to consider running. 

Run a listening campaign

A local listening campaign is a great starting point for engaging with your community and finding out what your neighbours think are the positives and negatives about the area, as well as where the strengths, skills and assets might be.

Conduct a visual audit

An Environmental Visual Audit (EVA) is when community members, police and representatives of other relevant agencies conduct a walk-through together of their neighbourhood to identify issues of concern.

Organise a street party

Being connected with your neighbours is what Neighbourhood Watch does best and one way of being connected, celebrating and sharing with your neighbours is by holding a street party.

Organise a litter pick

Where a community looks good and cared about, residents are happier, there is a reduced possibility that antisocial behaviour will occur, and an increased sense of pride.