To tackle rising cases of antisocial behaviour (ASB), we are running a SAY NO to ASB social media campaign for one month from the 25th of October 2021. The campaign challenges people to recognise what is ASB is and isn’t, and leads them to record it and report it to the correct authorities before the situation escalates to life-threatening activity.

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and other volunteers can run this campaing at any point that suits them using the resources on this page.

Why now?

Antisocial behaviour (ASB) incidents have increased over the last three years. Police forces, councils and housing associations are reporting significant spikes in ASB cases – and these are not minor incidents. They are complex and serious cases causing real harm to many people.45% of people say ASB is a problem where they live and 56% of those who had either been a victim of or a witness to ASB, did not report it to anyone.

Reporting ASB early on is important to prevent it from escalating and potentially ruining lives and devastating communities. To support people in recognising incidents we have clear content and case studies on our website and a downloadable guide. To support people in reporting incidents we have a downloable 14-day diary and clear reporting guidelines. The public can also find out more about ASB by joining or watching the recording of our webinar. 

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch Network said “Recognising what antisocial behaviour is and isn't can be subjective, which is why we have worked closely alongside partner organsiations such as Resolve and ASB Help to develop clear guidance on recoginsing, recording and reporting antisocial behaviour.


  1. Learn more about ASB from guidance and case studies on our website or by watching the ASB webinar
  2. Learn more about our campaing by reading our campaign press release
  3. Download the campaign pack to access the resources you may need
  4. Download and share our Recognising, Recording and Reporting ASB Guide’. The guide can be printed or shared online via email or WhatsApp.
  5. Download and share our 14-day ASB Diary to help record incidents