The ASB Case Review

It may feel like no-one seems to be doing anything and no-one is listening. If you (or others) have reported an incident 3 or more times within a 6 month period you can activate the ASB Case Review through your local authority. This has been designed to give the victim the right to demand that agencies deal with persistent antisocial behaviour.

There will be a multi-agency case review that involves various agencies (e.g. local Police, Local Authority, Housing Association, NHS).  This is different from a single-agency complaints process which looks at faults in the way an agency responded. The ASB case Review process is designed to fix the problem and stop the antisocial behaviour.


Mediation is a way of coming to an agreement without going to court, although it can take place after court action. An independent mediator listens to your views and your neighbour's views to help you reach an agreement or compromise.  This can take place in the privacy of your own home or in a meeting with the other parties.

To find a local service, contact your local authority or an advice agency such as Citizens Advice, or use the search facility on the Civil Mediation Council websiteThis lists fee-charging providers, but local authorities and housing associations may offer free mediation services. Alternatively, you can ask a community or religious leader if they can act as an informal mediator.

You can raise the issue at a residents ' group meeting if you are a local authority (council) or housing association tenant. This is particularly relevant if you think it might be affecting others. Contact your housing officer to find out if there is a group and when they meet.