Burglary prevention toolkit

To help you raise awareness among your community about burglary and what can be done to help prevent it, we’ve compiled a range of free campaign materials that you can use to inform and educate people in your neighbourhood.

Resources include:

  • Leaflets that you can print off and put through people’s letterboxes, or forward to them via email.
  • Online materials such as campaign websites, videos, GIFs and graphics that you can forward to people by email or share on social media sites such as your Neighbourhood Watch Facebook group or Twitter feed.

Every police force has their own approach to burglary prevention, so be aware that the advice in these resources may not be exactly the same as the advice your local force may provide.  We would advise using the resources from your local police force where possible.  If your region is not represented here, it’s best to use national resources such as Home Office or Secured By Design.

Printable resources

  • Neighbourhood Watch has created a basic burglary prevention checklist
  • This leaflet has been developed jointly by Northants Neighbourhood Watch and Police
  • There’s a distraction burglary leaflet here from Thames Valley Police
  • Metropolitan, the housing association, runs an anti-burglary support project – you can find their leaflet here with details of the scheme.

Resources to share online and via social media

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