One of the most effective ways to prevent burglary is putting your INTERNAL LIGHTS ON TIMERS when away from your house.

Set the timers so they come on and off in different rooms intermittently. Make sure that the whole place is not left in darkness at any one time. Having lights come on and off gives the impression that someone is moving about inside, and a light has not just been left on in one room. You can also use smart bulbs for this function.

Affordable timers switches and smart bulbs can be found at high street stores like Screwfix, Toolstation, B&Q, Wilko, Argos or online at Amazon.



Most burglaries are committed by opportunists who target properties that appear unoccupied, have little or no obvious security, or where they think they won't be seen. That's why smart home alarms can be effective in preventing burglaries. There are many alarm systems on the market and a wide range of accessories available at different price points, enabling you to tailor your security to your needs. The biggest advantage of smart home alarms is their accessibility and customisability. Thanks to smartphone apps, you can monitor your property regardless of time and place and be notified about any incidences in real-time. Find out more information about smart alarms here.

To burglar-proof your home from the inside, consider investing in PIR motion sensors and indoor cameras. PIR motion detectors are small sensors, often placed in the corners of rooms, which alert you to any movement within its detection zone. Neighbourhood Watch partner, ERA Protect, provides a pet-friendly PIR motion sensor, that disregards pets up to 25kg, so they can walk around freely without triggering the alarm while your house remains protected.

Indoor camera

To keep an eye on your home while at work, you can also install an indoor camera. It can add an extra layer of protection in the rooms where you keep your most valuable possessions or in those with the easiest access. Indoor cameras can be ideal for installing in any extra spaces that opportunists can easily target, like garages or basements. Cameras should be placed in the upper corners of rooms to provide the broadest coverage. Also handy for keeping an eye on your pets when you're out at work!

There are a variety of different alarm systems available on the market. The most popular ones are simple DIY security systems, which are easy to fit yourself, wireless and controlled via an app. They are also fully portable, making them convenient to transport when you're moving home and as a renter.

There are several things to consider when choosing a perfect home alarm system. It's always worth checking the opinions of unbiased third parties, such as Which? Best Buy, as well as looking out for BSI IoT Kitemkars on products. Alarms awarded the Which? Best Buy bade like ERA Protect Core Kit, give the assurance that you're choosing a product of high quality and value for money.

If you're a frequent traveller, you may want to consider upgrading your home security system with a professional monitoring service. Under a professional monitoring service, they will access your installed security cameras to assess the incident if the alarm triggers. They will then determine an appropriate course of action. The homeowner will be notified, and if necessary, they will also contact the appropriate authorities. 

ERA Protect Kit



Never leave spare keys in obvious places, like under the mat or a single plant pot. Ensure you know who has access to your house keys. If you've recently moved in, make sure you get all the locks changed to ensure that no one has access to any spare keys.  



Don't draw your curtains in the daytime- this suggests that your home is empty. Milk left out or post on the doormat is a clear sign that you are away.  Ask a trusted neighbour to clear your post, or use Royal Mail's 'Keepsafe' service' – they will keep your mail for up to two months 



Mark items such as TVs and other high-value possessions with an ultraviolet pen to aid identification. Consider creating an inventory, taking photographs, and noting down accurate descriptions for irreplaceable items, such as jewellery or antiques.

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