Case study 6

Jessica contacted her landlord to raise an antisocial behaviour complaint. She had returned home to find Janice shouting and ranting outside the block in which they lived.  Jessica sat in her car to avoid that. Janice approached her car, pulled her from it and assaulted her.

Jessica felt Janice may have been mentally unwell and had become used to her outbursts and considered the illness to be the cause of her outbursts.  Jessica did not consider Janice to be specifically targeting her or that her actions were malicious and reported this to her landlord. She wanted Janice to get the help she felt she needed.

The police attended the incident and arrested Janice who was bailed to appear in court, giving protection to Jessica.  The landlord continued to work with the Mental Health Team, and Janice's support worker to do an urgent referral for support to the crisis team.  Jessica was supported by the landlord with regular support calls until the antisocial behaviour case was closed.