To support our communities, supporters, members, and Coordinators within a regional area, we have what is known as Associations.  These are run by locally based volunteers and their role is to support and develop Neighbourhood Watch within a localised area.  They support our current membership of 2.3 million household members and 90,000 volunteers by providing training, support materials, practical help, campaigns, projects, and promote Neighbourhood Watch to residents and partners across the area. 

At present there are 75 regional areas with approximately 63 Associations in both force areas and London Boroughs

Associations have a vital role in coordinating the growth and expansion of our movement in their local area. Neighbourhood Watch Network, the national body for Watches across England and Wales, liaises with them regularly to keep them up to date with new developments and guidance relating to their role. Associations share relevant information with their Coordinators and members and oversee developments of groups across their area.

They provide practical support to their Coordinators by distributing window stickers, supporting the local supply of Neighbourhood Watch signs, giving advice and supporting local promotional events.

Associations often liaise with local police and partners to support community safety initiatives. They circulate, or ensure the provision of, up to date information on crime and local priorities to their Neighbourhood Watch coordinators and members to assist with their crime prevention activity.

To get in touch with your local Association click here. If there is no Association in your area and you would like to set one up, we would love to hear from you.