We are very aware that our volunteers need support and therefore we are proud to have local volunteers that do this.  These roles are usually within Associations, who are your support in your areas.  But within the Associations there is a multitude of volunteers that do specific roles to support the vast amount of volunteers in Neighbourhood Watch.

The roles include:

  • Association Leads
  • Association Committees, which support the lead, may include some or all of the following:
    • Vice-chair
    • Membership Secretary
    • Member welfare lead
    • Treasurer
    • Digital support
    • Partnership Coordinator
    • Development and Training Coordinator
    • Project leads
  • Neighbourhood/Area Leads
  • Multi-Scheme Administrators

Many of our volunteers take on more than one role and they are often Coordinators themselves of their own scheme and therefore have a range of experiences to enable them to provide support.