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Below we have listed various crime types for you to click on and find out more about the specific crime.  After that, please go to the Crime Map and enter your postcode to find out more.  Remember that there maybe more than one crime recorded for an area, which maybe part of the same incident.  These are reported crimes and only provide that information.


We offer advice and information on a wide range of crime types. 


Reducing risk to certain groups can help to reduce crime. By tackling the vulnerabilities that could lead to someone becoming either a victim of a crime or a victim of coercion leading into crime, we ultimately reduce the opportunities for crime to happen.  By reducing loneliness and isolation, we enable potential victims to be stronger and more resilient and signpost them to access support in the community.


Crime map

Want to see what crimes have been reported in your area?

Type in your postcode to see crimes within a one-mile radius for the latest reported month.(Source: www.police.uk) For a more detailed map please see police.uk.