Describe your best practice
Neighbourhood Watch in Woolwich (London Borough of Greenwich) went into primary schools in their area to talk about what to do if the children came across a knife whilst out and about.

What did you do and why?
With knives being found in regular weapons sweeps across the area and especially in between primary schools it was a very worrying time for me personally as a parent. So I designed a PowerPoint presentation focusing on what to do SAFELY if anyone came across a knife. I contacted local primary schools and went into school assemblies and spoke to children from aged 5-11.

Duration of the project

What worked well?
The children were very receptive and interacted with the presentation. The presentation itself was short and we went through it many times with the children. Schools were very welcoming

How did you overcome any challenges?
The only challenge was to get a foot through the door in the schools. However once I sent the presentation in advance the teachers were very happy for me to go into the schools to deliver this.

How did you cover any costs?
It was only physical time that I used.

Force/ Borough area
LB Greenwich

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