Our Neighbourhood Watch network is incredible – a huge group of people united by a common goal of looking out for each other.

We know that so many of you go the extra mile to help your neighbours stay safe.

The issue of elder abuse is a delicate and often difficult issue to think about. But we’ve got together with the charity Action on Elder Abuse to share some information and resources and show you who to contact if you’re worried about a neighbour or a friend.

Elder Abuse can take many forms, including financial, emotional, physical and sexual and some examples of abuse can be:

  • stealing or pressurising someone to hand over money
  • making decisions without consulting the person involved
  • treating someone in a way that makes them feel threatened, belittled or embarrassed
  • touching someone in a way they don’t want to be touched
  • physically hurting someone
  • neglecting someone’s needs.

We’ve put together this PowerPoint presentation for Neighbourhood Watch volunteers to use.

For more information visit https://www.elderabuse.org.uk/ to find out more or call the Action for Elder Abuse freephone Helpline: 080 8808 8141.