York Road

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Streets covered are York Road, May Road and the alley way between York Road and Kentish Road. The back alley ways of York Road and May road and the garages on York Road are also covered in this scheme. Reason for starting this scheme is that there have been burglaries committed in an alley way, in the sheds and garages. Needles and syringes have been found in the alleyways. Littering and dog fouling are common. Priorities are to: 1). Encourage households to keep watch and be vigilant (use publicity materials and toolkit). 2). Encourage households to work together to secure our alleyways, sheds, gardens, garages, homes and cars. 3). Keep petitioning the council for action to minimise littering in the alley way between Kentish Road and York Road (installment and maintenance of rubbish bins). 4). To communicate to Southampton City Council Actionline to support the penalty fine for dog fouling in place in our area.

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