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Eye of The Edge is dedicated to the safekeeping of The Edge housing estate. Our main aim is to assist and support individuals and families of the surrounding area and help maintain a safe and crime free community. With easy access to the estate from busy high streets and fenced off alleyways, it is important to act as a community and work together to make the neighbourhood a safe place for parents and children to feel secure. Our principal is simple - get to know your neighbours. Know who lives in the estate and get together to warn of any concerns regarding safety or general upkeeping of the estate. Together we can be the eye of the neighbourhood and our children can play outside knowing that our neighbours are there to keep a lookout. The idea is to build a community with a dedicated committee that will hear and discuss the concerns of all the residents. These concerns should not just be limited to safety or security but also to the maintenance and the general upkeeping of the estate. It may also be a great chance to befriend individuals and families of the neighbourhood and organise group gatherings or annual fun events. We want not only a safe community but also a friendly and communal neighbourhood. If you live in the area and want to help promote and deputise our neighbourhood then please contact us directly via e-mail. If you wish to raise your concerns or be updated with news & events of the estate then join ' Eye of The Edge' now.

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