Gainsborough Drive, Cavendish Road, HillTop Drive

Scheme information

Our home watch scheme was started to encourage a sense of community support and safety for one another in an area that has undergone some serious antisocial behaviour over recent years. Initially we started to cover both Gainsborough Drive and Cavendish Roads, but have recently been asked to include Hill Top Drive following interest shown from residents on that road as well (in practical terms we cover up to the Ruskin Road junction on Hill Top Drive as shown on the map on this site). Our priorities are to maintain community security through proactive observation, encouraging neighbourliness and a sense of regained community. We work closely with the Kirkholt Police Outpost, local councillors and other agencies to gain support wherever we can. We meet every 3 months in member's homes and have regular talks from local police personnel on matters of security and active involvement in the scheme.