Broughton Abbey Community

Scheme information

This Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is for the residents of Broughton, Milton Keynes within the Abbey Homes establishment. This scheme covers the below streets in full: Corfe Meadows Littlestone Gate Duffield Bank And in part: Watercress Way 1- 30 This scheme has been setup with keen interest from the residents to bring the community together to ensure a safe environment and to tackle NHW related issues as they arise. A Facebook Community Page called Broughton Abbey Community - MK has been created to bring together residents from the vicinity to encourage dialogue to: • Discuss and provide updates on Neighbourhood Watch Scheme • Get to know your neighbour and neighbourhood • Ask a question or request advice or information • Inform residents on a matter that may affect them • Arrange events • Ask for some help • And anything else you feel is useful to talk about The privacy of this community page is set to secret so only members signed up to the NHW Scheme can see the group, who’s in it and what members post; and is only available to residents within Abbey Homes development and community support members.