Westfield Park

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We have just 13 households which regard themselves as 'paid up' NHW members. However, due to the existence of a previous street scheme, we inform upwards of 80 households of NHW matters. We started the original scheme - Westfield Park Residents - to encourage residents to club together to buy Victorian-style lamp tops for our original Victorian lamp posts, with Bristol City Council paying half. This was successful. Owner Occupiers are interested in the scheme, absentee Landlords less so, and tenants in the many flats on our road hardly at all. We hoped to increase involvement by adding Neighbour-hood Watch to what we offer. Membership remains the same, despite our efforts. We have an ever-changing population of students and young professionals, who need to feel safe here, particularly at night, when pubs and clubs nearby turn out. This year we only know of one felony in our road, theft of a bicycle which had not been secured to any piece of street furniture! However at midnight on New Year's eve 2010, fifteen cars had their wing mirrors smashed or removed.

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