Blaydon and bodicote grove

Scheme information

This is a small estate made up of 4 small cul de sacs: Blaydon Avenue, Buckton Close, Bodictote Grove and Bradwell Croft. There is one road in and out which is via Blaydon so residents should be able to notice unusual activity. There is an open area of grass at the end of Bodicote that leads to Bishops Meadow which leads onto Slade Road and at the other side of Bodicote a walkway which leads into Aulton Road and onto Slade Road, Weeford Road and Mere Green Road via Mordaunt. I am keen for residents to be alert to any unusual activity and keep relevant agencies informed.

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Scheme coordinator

Anna Howe
I live at 24 Bodicote Grove and am keen for residents to feel we are in an area where we can support each other. I'd like us to be aware of any unusual activity and known trade people who are tried, tested and trusted. There are a number of people who are about in the daytime and work different patterns so if we can coordinate ourselves we should be able to maintain the peace and quiet and safety of our lovely estate.
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