Westvale Park

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In the growing community of Westvale Park, Horley off Reigate Road (A217), we support each other to create a safe and friendly environment for all to enjoy. There is a particular emphasis on looking out for each other, our families, property, and road safety. Each road within Westvale (once occupation starts) has a designated local road coordinator to act as a conduit for neighbours to pass on and receive key info from the Neighbourhood Watch team and Surrey Police Building community spirit and neighbourliness is our primary objective. We promote externally arranged community events, and arrange some too, to help bring our community together.

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Scheme coordinator

Christine Smith
One of the first to move onto the development in May 2017, with fellow like minded neighbours, I set up this neighbourhood watch area to help us build a community and neighbourliness. For me, Neighbourhood Watch is more about a community coming together to support and help each other in ways that aren’t just about crime prevention and detection, which is why we promote community events, and organise some too. As the Westvale Park Neighbourhood watch chairperson, thank you for showing and interest and willingness to help make our community great! Look forward to your help and involvement! Christine Smith
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