Porter Brook Community Assn Neighbourhood Watch

Scheme information

Our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has been operational officially since 2013, the scheme formed organically from our longstanding Porter Brook Community Association. Our scheme provides neighbour general and crime support, both on-line and off-line, crime prevention advice, local crime statistics where available, SYP Alerts forwarding, CCTV coverage and footage for crime prevention and detection, for private and police use, local student crime prevention advice. We provide instant neighbour text crime warnings and communication when signed up for this service. We have also recovered stolen goods through our neighbour text network. New NHW members are welcome to increase network size within our marked operational area. More street co-ordinators required in order to enlarge our marked PBCA NHW operational area. Guest members allowed from outside marked operational area to receive alerts forwarding only. COVID-19 SUPPORT IS ONGOING PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ASSISTANCE. Our Area Co-ordinator is also Regional Co-ordinator for Central and North West Regions of Sheffield. Please also contact her/us via this messaging system for advice and assistance in setting up a new NHW Scheme in the following wards - City Central, Broomhill & Sharrow Vale, Crookes, Walkley, Fulwood.