Eastheath Gardens

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Covering Eastheath Gardens with an intent to expand.

Scheme coordinator

Paul Beaumont
I’ve lived in Eastheath Gardens since February 1997 and the things I like most are the low crime rates, living in a market town (with all it’s history and culture), close links to major motorways and rail networks, but most of all the cordial nature that exists within our friendly town & neighbourhood. I’ve spent most of my working life working as a Salesman in the Military & Aerospace industry negotiating high value contracts with prime contractors, but before that I was an apprentice served Technician Engineer specialising Mechanical Engineering Design. For me, a neighbourhood watch coordinator is not just about monitoring crime: it’s about protecting and preserving our way of life and simply looking out for each other. My wife & I value our peace, quiet and privacy extremely highly, so it’s always my expectation (and assumption) that others feel the same; however there are occasions when it is good to be well connected within the local community, especially if there’s a imminent threat or emergency. I’m not going to harp on about what my plans and visions are (that would be crass); as 99% of what I’m required to do is simply monitor background crime activity on your behalf and act as a single point of contact for anyone in need. We’re very fortunate to live in an area that has extremely low crime rates, but that doesn’t mean we should become complacent or lack preparedness. Based on my own experiences; I would suggest the biggest common issues we collectively experience are nuisance callers (door step traders, e-mail, telephone etc), so I will focus on different ways to protect ourselves as my 1st priority. The activities of NHW is well documented in the Thames Valley Neighbourhood Association, which can be found on their website. http://www.tvnhwa.org.uk. Perhaps what’s missing is what NHW don’t do (…which according to some could be; life, the universe and everything!). I’m willing to take on most things, but the guiding principle should be “issues that affects everyone, and most (if not all) have voiced similar/same opinions”. Whilst I’m prepared to work with local authorities and utility providers (if needed). I definitely do not want to become “the don of Eastheath Gardens”, your local councillor, agony aunt, neighbourhood dispute arbitrator and general nosey parker or neighbourhood busy body. However I will facilitate/initiate any discussions if & when required and appropriate to do so. Working together to keep Eastheath safe. Paul Beaumont
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