Cobridge community neighbourhood watch

Scheme information

The aim of this group is to: 1) Create a strong Neighbourhood Watch Community in Cobridge 2) Facilitate the transfer of information between the Cobridge Community of individuals engaged in criminal activity, of crimes taking place, individuals engaged in anti-social behaviour or suspicious individuals / known offenders in the area. 3) Foster a community spirit and sense of safety in numbers, to act as a deterrent to would be criminals in the area

Scheme coordinator

Gareth Gingell
My property was burgled and my vehicle stolen (and subsequently crashed into other peoples vehicles in the area). I decided to start this scheme on the back of this incident to try and ensure no one else in the area has to endure what my family and I have been through, and to try and wipe away the sense of fear that many of the people who live in this area have to endure, especially the elderly. It is a time for change, and this is one of the ways in which we will implement a positive change to the area.
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