East Quay, Area Poole

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We will be covering East Quay Road,Skinner Street, Perry Gardens and along the The Quay. Aims to stop Anti-social behaviour, and criminal damage of properties within our area. We are looking for residents in the area detailed above. that want to help our community to feel safe in their homes. We need people like you to get involved with your comunity.

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Scheme coordinator

Miles Scott-Martin
02/02/2017 - 3pm to 5pm OUR INFORMATION DROP IN DAY AT 7East Quay Road. I want to stop anti-social behavior and drug abuse in our area. Protecting our homes and our possessions is our responsibility. We are responsible for making sure we and our family are safe. I am disabled and decided to stand up against Anti-social behaviour, I only can do this with help from other residents in my area. I have been involved in Patrolling Poole Harbour with the MVS keeping poole safe 'Project KRAKEN'
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