Tennyson & montefiore street

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The 'Tennyson & Montefiore Street Watch' is a scheme set up by residents of 2 streets that share a common space in the form of Montefiore Park. We have a duel purpose: 1. To work closely with our neighbors, local police and council representatives to tackle anti-social behavior in our streets and shared park. 2. To foster and help facilitate closer community bonds for the benefit of all.

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Scheme coordinator

Ben Wighton
My name is Ben Wighton and I've lived in Battersea my entire life - growing up on Queenstown Road and moving to Tennyson Street 8 years ago. I'm starting this new scheme to do 2 things.. 1. To encourage neighbors to work together, with the assistance and support of official representatives from the council and police service, to tackle the problems and issues facing our streets; this can be anything from dog fouling to litter, anti-social behavior to noise disturbances and so on. 2. To foster a closer sense of community - something that is becoming increasingly harder to do in 21st century London - much to the detriment of its inhabitants. This can cover everything from looking out for and spending time with elderly residents of the community, organising street parties or other events, taking pride in our street and building new friendships with each other.
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