Dongola road n17 6eb

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Due to the increase in car crime and attempted break ins and actual burglaries on Dongola Road and Field Road I think it would be a great idea for all residents to look out for each other more so we don't feel like helpless victims when this happens. Let's stop allowing these criminals to take our property with no apparent repurcussions and support each other more. When we were burgled recently through our front window apparently no one saw anything even though it was broad daylight. I am happy to start this scheme up and go door to door to get a good group together.

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Siobhan Mcmillan
My name is Siobhan McMillan. I have recently been a victim of burglary, attempted break in and car crime. We have a lovely street and we need to look out for each other far more so we don't keep being victims to these criminals who are out to steal from us, apparently very easily, without any consequences. With a group of us all looking out for each other's properties we could definitely decrease the amount of crime in this area and all feel much safer in our homes.
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