Farnborough Avenue, Crescent, Selsdon Park Road Neighbourhood Watch

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I am outraged by the increasing number of robberies in the Selsdon area. Therefore it is no surprise I have taken the necessary step in introducing a Neighbourhood watch scheme in Farnborough Avenue and the surrounding Roads including Farnborough Crescent and Selsdon Park Road. We as a community need to work together to thwart these occurrences and take preventative measures. Hopefully by starting this Neighbourhood scheme we can increase the vigilance in this area and learn important values along the way. I have only registered this scheme from the 8th of January 2016, so it is still in it's early stages and I will be learning things about what it all entails. However to make this process easier and more viable I will lean on the support of well known members of each road as a point of call. Therefore may I ask if at-least one resident from Farnborough Avenue, Selsdon Park Road, Farnborough Crescent, Heathfield Vale, Lomond Gardens and Copse View can help in being a point of call for their specific street. I hope those of you who genuinely care about the well-being of yourselves and others in your area step forward and represent the other members of your road. I anticipate that this message will receive you in good faith. Kind Regards Flo

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Florent Sivakumaran
Hi all, I am Flo,some of you may recognise me as having an identical twin brother (Fred). I have decided to assume the role of coordinator of the neighbourhood watch in Farnborough Avenue and surrounding areas in Selsdon. I've only been living in Farnborough Avenue a few months and I am outraged by the audacity of these burglars. I want to spear-head this scheme and try restore the safety in the Selsdon area. In my opinion it beats doing nothing and hoping this problem goes away by itself (which we all know it won't). I am extremely approachable and look forward to using this opportunity to work with a few of you in making our street safer to live on!
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