Pavilion rd gorleston

Scheme information

Our Homewatch scheme has been setup to provide support and information to residents of Pavilion Rd and adjoining areas in the issues relevant to Homewatch. In addition, because of our proximity to the sea, we are using the scheme to provide Floodwatch assistance if required.

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Scheme coordinator

Melanie Ruse
I have retired from my role as a Business Skills Trainer due to ill health and moved to Gorleston in 2013. We have a lovely neighbourhood but I had become aware of a few issues such as noise nuisance and traffic that were concerning residents. We also have a number of elderly or disabled people who could need assistance. The Homewatch scheme is an excellent starting point to bring our community together from which point we can also use it as a residents group to act on other issues such as an organised approach should we have flood alerts.
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