St Michaels Road Area Neighbourhood Watch

Scheme information

The St Michael's Road Area Neighbourhood Watch is run in conjunction with the St Michael's Road Area Residents' Association. The area covered includes St Michel's Road, St Michael's Place, Ringwood Close, Brockenhurst Close, Cranborne Walk, Lyndhurst Close, Cadnam Close, Damerham Close, Durnford Close, Bramshaw Road, Verwood Close, Salisbury Road Nos. 61 - 99 & Nos. 2 - 130, Hackington Terrace, Beaconsfield Road, Shaftesbury Road, Leycroft Close, Stephenson Road, Harkness Drive,Friary Way, Roseland Gardens,Foxdown Close and Rushmead Close. The area has a high proportion of students, so there is a yearly change of student tenants occupying many of the properties. The Residents Association and NHW work tirelessly with the University of Kent, Kent Union, Landlords, Students, Residents and all other Stakeholders for the benefit of the community.