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Our scheme was the first to be established in Tameside and has been running for about 20 years or more. We have a communications network via email where every member is kept abreast of what is happening when it happens and all members are happy with the set up.

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Scheme coordinator

George Hall
I did not start the scheme. It was brought about by the foresight of a serving police officer, who has since retired, and it was called 'neighbourhood watch'. I was drafted in along with other residents and the scheme was much larger at the outset. Its success was brought to the attention of the chief of police for Tameside who thought it was a great idea and encouraged further development across the borough. In the early days I was responsible for contacting manufacturers of security equipment, e.g. Chub, who would send me literature to distribute to members. Like all schemes it is only as good as the members themselves and I must say they all play a vital role in looking out for each other.
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