Queensbury Park Community (SE0401)

Scheme information

The Shelton Lock Community Watch group was created to allow the residents of the Queensbury Park estate the opportunity to communicate in an attempt to lower crime rates. Due to the recent shed break-ins and other organised crime happening in the area this group will be posting security tips and links to local businesses in a bid to increased security and peace of mind for the local residents. This is a closed group specifically for the Queensbury park residents. The sole purpose of the QPCW is to share reports of suspicious activity, updated residents on crimes waves and provide knowledge of home security measures to the public. Please find us on FB: www.Facebook.com/Queensbury Park.

Scheme coordinator

Russell David Garner
Head Coordinator of the Queensbury Park Community Watch. Past experiences of organising includes: 2012 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth and 2015 European Games as the boxing field of play team leader. Currently studying: BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science University of Derby For further details please visit: www.LinkedIn.com/RussellDavidGarner
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