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About Petersfield Street Watch Petersfield Street Watch is a scheme run by the community for the community in partnership with the police. Street Watch is about walking your local area as a good citizen and to help take responsibility for your local areas and to help tackle the low level issues that impact most on your communities and quality of life. Petersfield Street Watch is about walking around your community just like any other resident. However, Petersfield Street Watch members will walk in pairs wearing high visibility jackets in order to provide visible levels of reassurance, to promote good citizenship, to increase the feelings of safety and to engage positively with those who try and undermine our communities and in an appropriate manner to educate and bring to their attention the impact that their behaviour has. Street Watch can be considered a natural extension to schemes such as Neighborhood Watch. Street Watch members are ordinary citizens with no police powers. If they see anything suspicious, all they are asked to do is report it to the police. They can also give active support to the community by providing reassurance and a visible presence to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. Our group is looked after by our chairman who keeps a list of volunteers and provides advice, guidance and support in consultation with the local police. Petersfield Street Watch Group is not run by the police, but work in partnership with the support of the local police. The purpose of Street Watch is: – a. To prevent crime by improving security, increasing vigilance, creating and maintaining a caring and cohesive community and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime prevention awareness. b. To assist the police by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of activity that gives rise to concern. c. To reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit, particularly amongst the more vulnerable members of the community.

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