Heene Road, Worthing

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Heene Road is a long road from the junction with Tarring Road to the seafront, located in West Worthing. My Scheme is the North end, 170 - 190 Heene Road. I wanted to set up this scheme to raise awareness of Home Security and to become a link with my local community and the Police. Please feel free to contact me via this website. I will respond to all emails within 48 hours.

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Scheme coordinator

Kenneth Rowley
I have lived in Worthing for almost 10 years and feel very proud of the town. I would like to reassure members of the NHW that working together as a community will enable us to feel safe and most importantly provide a valuable link to the police. After a recent incident in our own property, I am more aware how to report crimes of any nature (big or small) and the variety of methods that can be used to prevent repeat problems escalating. I believe working together as a community and being vigilant to any unusual activity is crucial in reducing crime and protecting our families. I receive regular news items by email and keep in contact with my local PCSO to enable a good working partnership.
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