Salehurst Road, Hazelhurst Drive, Ticehurst Close, Goudhurst Close, Goudhurst Keep, Crowhurst Close and Crowhurst Keep, Worth, Crawley

Scheme information

This is principally a Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Scheme but it additionally involves itself in matters outside of the remit of NHW that are of direct interest to residents on the estate, e.g. engagement with Crawley and West Sussex County Council officials and councillors on matters such as seeking improvements in the surface of rural paths (and lighting); tree maintenance and traffic calming/pedestrian access.

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Scheme coordinator

Robert Lipscomb MBE
I am the scheme co-ordinator and have taken personal responsibility for extending the Neighbourhood Watch scheme to cover any community issues of direct interest to (and impact upon) residents on the estate. I volunteered to act as co-ordinator and set up the scheme following a number of criminal acts affecting the estate, e.g. stolen cars, burglary, cannabis farm, etc.
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