Hither Bath Bridge

Scheme information

Welcome to our NHW scheme. Our scheme covers the roads Hither Bath Bridge, Lanes End and The Pavilions, 121 homes. This scheme is managed by Alex and Chak. Please feel free to contact us.

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Scheme coordinator

Alex Padgett
Hi, I'm Alex, I started this scheme on the back of my motorbike being stolen in 2011. I am trying to help make our roads a nicer and safer place to live and unite our community. Our main risk to becoming a victim is outsiders routinely patrol our streets between 23:00-04:00 looking to steal from our cars, vans, garages, garden sheds and homes; and they want small high value items easy to sell on for instance power tools, bicycles, motorbikes, laptops, jewellery, etc. Please make sure your home, garage, shed and cars are secure.
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