Hither Bath Bridge

Scheme information

Welcome to our NHW scheme. Our scheme covers the roads Hither Bath Bridge, Lanes End and The Pavilions, 121 homes. This scheme is managed by Alex and Chak. Please feel free to contact us. Currently the main crime issues in our area as May 2020: 1) Three unemployed males working separately systematically scan Bristol streets including ours looking for easy high value things to steal and sell on for instance builders electric tools, bicycles, motorbikes, money, tablets, jewellery, garden electric tools. One of them will visit us every two or three weeks, their favourite times 23:30 to 04:00 but consider anytime after dark is when the risk significantly increases. Risk mitigation: after dark you must ensure nothing left with value on display in vehicle including clothing (generally thieves will not break-in unless they think there could be something of value) and vehicle locked, check garage doors are secure and some may need extra security, side gates are locked, front door locked. These same individuals will also try and break in to garden sheds so things like trellis are good to stop them climbing over fences and walls as it will make noise and thieves don't like noise. Gardens sheds consider having multi layered security (multiple deterrents) so in addition to a physical device like a lock add an alarm or chime that chimes in the house when someone goes in the shed or garage, they start from £20 on internet search "remote chime alarm". 2) VANS, thieves are mainly looking for power tools to steal and sell on for quick cash, and some are quite happy to steal from big supermarket car parks in daylight as some vans are ridiculously easy to break in to. When buying your next van for use in the Bristol area then 'dead locks' is a must, it seems to deter most Bristol thieves breaking in to cargo area, they want the whole theft done in a couple of minutes and little noise, an alarm is also great to have but increases the costs, a much cheaper option if possible remove any signage to suggest your van contains power tools. You need to risk assess the areas where you leave you van when working daytime and a second assessment for outside home overnight. 3) MOTORBIKES/SCOOTERS, most standard OEM steering locks are useless and never consider leaving motorbike with just steering lock as only security in Bristol, even just stopping at cash point machine or picking up a take-away. Thieves hate motorbikes that have multi-layered security. As a minimum for Bristol you should have an alarm and immobiliser fitted and if leaving bike for more than a minute or two then a physical security device like a disc lock (£40 or more) or chain and lock (£100 or more) or U-lock (£40 or more). If motorcycle under 600cc then secure to something solid or another motorbike or park another vehicle to block it in. Motorcycle covers also help deter some thieves. 4) BICYCLES, Bristol is really terrible for bicycle theft, the best thing is to try and keep out of public view when not in use. As with motorbikes and homes multi-layered security is best so chain and padlock, electronic security like alarm and/or tracker, and security marking of parts. Avoid using a cable lock and never use combination locks as they are easy to defeat, most of us use the www.soldsecure.com to guide on quality locks.