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In difficult financial times and the spread out nature of our villages it is important that we are aware of any "incidents", potential thefts and unacceptable behaviour in our Parish to protect and inform one another. I am sure we can make our villages a safe zone to live in and look out for our neighbours as we would for ourselves

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Rosemary Penn
I live on the boundaries of Mount and Cardinham Parishes, although I am only "across the road" in terms of actual location. I have lived here for many years with no incidents happening in the village of Mount or Warleggan and I would like to continue to live peacefully and with no fear of intruders. There have recently been a number of incidents in the Parish which people feel they are unable to report and I would like to be the representative to help direct people to the best source of help or indeed take the responsibility of reporting it for them. We all need to look out for each other and it would be nice to know that neighbours are keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. If anyone has any concerns about anything, however small, then I would help all I can.
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