Ellen Close (Trenethick Estate)

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Scheme covers 69 to 78 Ellen Close on the Trenethick Residents Estate, also known as the Cumber homes Estate, which is an estate of residential bungalows.

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J***********y B***r
We are resident in Ellen Close, Mount Hawke and moved here in 2010. We get a large amount of COLD CALLERS, which is not only a nuisance but also carries the potential for more underhanded pursuits! A number of our neighbours already look out for each other, which is wonderful! Becoming a member of our scheme comes with the benefits of keeping you up to date with relevant information, window/door stickers, and hopefully would give you a feeling of a liitle more security, knowing other members are looking out for you. Being a member may also reduce insurance premiums! You could get involved with volunteering and joining in with occasional neighbourhood clean ups, beautifying your areas and helping to combat the current problem of dog poo! You would be able to talk about concerns regarding our neighbourhood and be able to report anything you may consider suspicious.
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