Hazelwood Close

Scheme information

2017 update: Our 2007 scheme is still working after ten years thanks to everyone pulling together. The results speak for themselves ..unblemished for ten years bar one very recent vehicle crime. Thanks to all scheme members for doing your bit but it goes to show you can never let up. Look over the 'by Year and Month' tabulations and the map from 'In the Know' and supplement that with the equally excellent grey dot map display from 'our watch.org.uk' using your post code. The conclusion is clear. I can also act as a resource if you feel that the time has come for you to get a scheme up and running in your own area. Advantages include the possibility of cheaper house insurance. Sometime in June more trained police resource will be available to help the volunteers of Neighbourhood Watch including the start up of new schemes, in abeyance until then. I am still awaiting final details. If you are willing to give it a go then you are just making contact at the the right time in order to grow Neighbourhood Watch in Leyland. If you have applied to join from outside the scheme boundaries, this means you, however there may be a half-way-house by receiving alerts from In-The-Know, directly and some other areas still to be clarified in May. Also I run a small scheme as I have other calls on my time and I need to maintain a balance so don't be put off by starting your own scheme ...make it as small as you like so that you can cope, rather than not having any scheme at all but check for scheme limitations too, you may need to be above a certain minimum size. In June 2016, I measured up and fitted three new eurolocks to the best available specification to three PVC double glazed doors. The total bill for the householder was under 120 GBP or 40 GBP for each lock. How much is your security worth? Each anti-tamper, anti-drill, anti-bump lock was only 12 GBP approximately more than a standard Yale key euro-lock! The household was not in my own patch, so I should mention that I am happy to help with easy, small, security jobs, such as upgrading your euro-locks, if I can. There is no cost involved for my time, just the cost of materials that you would have used if you could have done it yourself and like any DIY undertaking, this has to be on the explicit terms of 'at your own risk'. Lancashire Combined Watch Forum is evolving with indications that it will emerge better than before, let us hope so. Some useful local information is to be found at www.lcwf.co.uk web site. Finally, are there any local PCC - Police and Crime Commissioner initiatives that you could support as a volunteer? What happens elsewhere ultimately affects us all. An extra helping hand is always welcome.

Scheme coordinator

Peter Platt
I welcome anyone in Hazelwood Close, to come and chat to me at Number 5. If there are problems I may be able to do something or find someone who can help you more directly. If you want to become an opt-in household, so much the better and a sticker in your window is a deterrent. Joining from outside scheme boundaries? Unfortunately no, but I can help make your own scheme happen ...if you are willing to play a part. I want to empower people, to make Neighbourhood Watch grow.
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